Strategic Planning

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is the process of engaging the critical leadership in every organization to put aside daily task management and focus on vision and direction for the future. Plan scope can vary but most encompass two to three years of worth of organizational goals.


What is the process for strategic planning?

At Act2 we begin by establishing what the most critical functional areas are within your organization. We then understand what we must focus on from a vision perspective. Say for example you have identified four aspects of your organization that are the most vital and they are: your financial future, your customers/clients/people that are served, your operations and your human resources.
After we have worked to establish our focus then we discuss what your planning goals are and who needs to be a part of the planning process from your organization. We then schedule our facilitated sessions based on your schedule – up to three of them at approximately two hours in length. In these meetings we come to consensus through our facilitated strategic planning process that helps your group decide where they want to take the future of your organization. Our final deliverable is an electronic and hard copy of your strategic plan with specific action items, timelines and owners. This gives you the ability to actually carry out the straightforward road map of your plan and track your achievements.



The cost for a plan ranges from $6,000-$7,500 per plan depending on the organizational structure, size and planning process. We work with you to understand what it is you want to accomplish and then issue a quote based on your needs.



The process takes from 3 to 6 months so it’s important to begin before your fiscal year.


Why hire Act2 Strategists to plan?

An outside facilitator objectivity is crucial when discussing the organization’s future. Having a facilitator who can ensure the group stays on track, stays focused and remains democratic (i.e. everyone gets a chance to speak) is a very important part of planning. Most importantly, our planning process simplifies strategic planning with our focus on the functional areas that are relevant to you. As a result, the final document is not a lengthy tome that no one reads – and worse no one puts into action – but a succinct plan no longer than 10-15 pages that is easy to follow, update and make happen!! Plans developed with Act2 are able to be implemented, a critical characteristic that allows you to have a return on the investment of time and money that you have made.


Who are some of the clients we have facilitated planning for?

  • Clarcor
  • Rockford School District 205
  • YWCA of Rockford
  • Byron Park District
  • Chicago-Rockford International Airport
  • Riverfront Museum Park