Client Success Stories

A couple of examples of successful projects…


They had good people with good intentions…

A client approached us with a challenge to help their organization. They had good people with good intentions but were worried that they wouldn’t take the initiative because for too long they had been micromanaged and just ‘told to do things’. Our client asked us to help ‘get out the leadership skills’ through training. We designed a series of workshops on the following topics: Employee Engagement and Motivation, Leadership Communication, Problem Solving, Decision Making and Conflict Resolution. These workshops were both instructional and highly interactive allowing participants to go through team exercises that engaged them and asked them to think differently.

By the end of the 6-session workshop, the team was effectively working together and challenging each other to come up with solutions independently. Over time, the team began to work more productively and with more satisfaction than previously when they were not part of the decision making process.



They had never written a strategic plan.

A client asked us to help them put together a strategic plan as their organization was going through some fairly challenging changes with a shift in founding leadership. When any organization moves from one stage of organizational development to another, it is always a difficult process. They had never written a strategic plan. They hadn’t needed to initially… they just followed mission on a daily basis. But after a while, following mission wasn’t getting them to the next step. First they made the decision to hire a full-time staff and then they asked us to help with a strategic plan for their future. We worked with them, not only to introduce the idea of strategic planning, but also to help them make the organizational shift from a ‘founders’ beginning to a full-fledged organization.