About Us

Your Source for Performance

Act2 supports businesses and individuals with a fresh, energetic approach to planning that improves organizational and personal performance. Corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, colleges, and independent professionals rely on us ensure their plans are “worked” and not allowed to sit on a shelf.

We help clients prepare, motivate, inspire and communicate with the people who are making their plans a reality. Through facilitating, coaching, training, and motivating, we roll up our sleeves and ensure that everyone is engaged and moving in the same direction.

And then we follow through. We check in with clients to help them push for accountability, accomplishment, rewards, and celebration.

Specific services include planning facilitation; business consulting; leadership development; team development; sales, presentation, and communication training; employee engagement planning; professional coaching; and motivational speaking.


Who We Serve

Act2 Strategists works with organizational leaders who want to dust off their shelf-bound plans and motivate their teams to take action!

  • Corporate departments
  • Small and mid-size businesses
  • Government agencies
  • Large nonprofits
  • Universities and colleges

We have business-to-business experience in several disciplines and industries, including agriculture, academia, financial services, healthcare, high-tech, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail.


Andrea Zulfer Gibbs

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Andrea has nearly 25 years of international product marketing and marketing communications experience with a broad range of companies in the manufacturing, service, and non-profit sectors. Her specific skills in strategic planning, training, brand management, marketing communications and speaking have benefited companies like Honeywell, Danaher, the University of Illinois and the Alzheimer’s Association of America. In management, she has a broad experience base having led marketing teams in both the United States and Europe.

As a professional speaker, Andrea brings enthusiasm and purpose to her speeches and keynotes. She draws from a wide variety of her experiences living both in the US and abroad and her motivational topics include the power of face-to-face communication, the necessity of communicating your story, the value of your personal reputation, and accountability in leadership. She has been tapped by both educational and private institutions to bring her enthusiastic messages to their meetings.

Andrea was awarded an MBA from American Graduate School of International Management, Glendale, Arizona, and a bachelor’s in Government/Economics from Smith College, Northampton, Massachusetts. She has been on several boards serving in both the planning and finance functions and is currently a board member at the Mendelssohn Performing Arts Center in Rockford, Illinois.